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“The young Zurich based company release their third in a series of watches”

When the V series was first shown to me at Basel earlier this year, I confess I didn’t really “get it”!
I wasn’t sure about the case shape (Daniel showed me a black version he was wearing) and well, telling the time was like going back to Maths at school, which I hated and didn’t excel at!





Fast forward several months and now with both the models in front of me, the V1 and V2, and begin to see what the fuss is about now. I’ve viewed countless images through social media and thought that I just need to see them in the flesh…

I am pleasantly surprised in a number of ways. The sheer build quality is so much better than what I saw in the pre-release versions, the attention to detail in the dials, buckle and tech. I am a fan, owning several P series watches and an M2, so naturally I was keen to “like” the new V series…..

Notable changes in the V series, are of course the new shape, taking the old square of the P & M series but rounding the sides of the 47mm steel case, extenuating them further, making it look more masculine, more purposeful. The multi layered dial is as captivating as the P series dials, and due to the way that the time is read, an even more interesting one. Detailed indicators for the Day/Night function, allows you to work out whether its am or pm, if you not near daylight! The seconds mock the “+” markers on the hour dial and the single minute hand allows you a glimpse of normal time telling!

The (Patent pending) strap changing system, SEVENFRIDAY call it the FSC (Fast Strap Change) I have to say is great, simply done with the push of button situated in each corner on the left side of the watch when worn, allowing strap junkies quick access to cure their fix! The new buckles are flatter and more curved for comfort on the wrist, with V detail and a brushed and polished finish mirroring the steel watch case. Echoing the FSC they too have a quick release button for convenient strap changes.



The toughened anti reflective mineral glass sits slightly higher on the case, allowing more depth for viewing that complex dial.

The NFC chip (Near Field Communication) is a very technological step for SEVENFRIDAY. The chip can contain information, in this case they are using it to authenticate the watches helping clamp down on copies, fakes and theft. Over time of course, the chip will offer more info as the tech is developed by the brand. Its certainly an interesting concept and one you would perhaps expect to appear in much more expensive watches, so this is a great step for them.



Overall wrist presence is great, and once you’ve worked out how to tell the time, it only feels better!
So, how do you tell the time?
Well, there are hour markers positioned from 11 through to 4, however 0 starts at the 11 point and 4 is where 3 should be, this is your time telling reference!
Still following me?!
A central disc rotates showing +0, +4 and +8, you add this to one of the 5 marked outer numbers to get the exact hour, whilst a large minute hand rotates as normal. A small seconds disc between where 4 and 5 should be shows similar increments of time. At 10 there is a little window displaying night/day signified by a dot or solid, depending on which V version you’re looking at.



I’ve warmed to it greatly now I have seen the watch in the flesh.I prefer the silver dial of the V1 with its blue accents as opposed to the V2 with black dial and gold accents.
V1 comes on a black leather strap whilst the V2 comes on a brown leather strap.


V1 on the wrist


V2 on the wrist 

Available in the UK at £895

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